الاثنين، 27 أبريل 2009

I liked the three topics. I was not sure what to choose .Then I decided to choose your topic. I am now studying for the master degree in accounting. My major in the university was also accounting. At first, I wanted to study computer .I was not good in computers and using them. Actually I wasn't interesting. So, I changed to accounting. Through the four years. I studied many subjects .Some of them were related with my major and some of them were not. The main subjects were math ,marketing ,management and computer. The other subjects were English language , history , religion and Arabic. I think when someone specialize in a major . He should study only about his major .Those other subjects disturbed me. Because failing or losing grades in one of them will affect the average. Anyway, the main subjects were full of information and useful. Later, after graduation I worked at Saudi Telecom company for three years. Then I seriously thought about the scholarship. Thankfully, I succeeded in joining the program to study for the master degree here in America. Finally, I wish for everyone I met here a successful life. You too Anna I hope you will make your dreams come true. Good luck for everyone.

الأحد، 19 أبريل 2009

Strange Food

I think talking about the strangest food is really interesting. Although I don’t have a lot of things to say. Actually I am not that kind of a person who likes to try strange food. I think meeting people from different countries and also the media or the internet gave me some information about strange food and sometimes it is really disgusting. We used in Saudi Arabia to have a maid for housework. One time, I saw her catching cockroaches and after grilling them, she ate them. Also I saw by email people in restaurants cook dogs and eat them. These are examples of disgusting food. In my country, there is a season in the year where locust spread .It also becomes a season of market place. In this time people start catching the locust and sell them. Everyone has his own way of cooking them. Some like them grilled and others fried. Actually, I noticed that only old people like them. They say that the locust has a high nutritional value. So, one day I saw my mother and father eating the locust. I heard its voice ,it was crunchy. So I decided to try one and I did. It wasn’t bad but only the idea that I am eating locust makes me crazy!! .My wife was so scared, she wasn’t looking at them even that they were cooked and on the dishes. Although, we might find it strange to eat locust but that season really becomes so special and different. I think strange food depends on the person himself. I might find some food strange and others not. As for me eating pork or bacon is very strange!. While people in America find it delicious. Moreover, strange food include the drinks too. We have a lot of different kinds of drinks such as some people drink hot water mixed with orange and lemon with some sugar. Also, we have a drink called sour and sweet its color is red .It can be either hot or cold. Usually the cold for the occasions. Finally, this topic is really wonderful and I think I am going to read what my classmates wrote.

الاثنين، 13 أبريل 2009

As you said that there are many cultures don’t actually have this tradition and my country is one of them. So I’ve never thought about it before. In fact I liked this tradition .I think I will let them put a large and tall stone because there are a lot of things to tell people about!! Just kidding. In Saudi Arabia, we bury the body covered with a white coven under the ground .Then we just put a mark if we want to identify the body. Going back to our topic, I think after death I only want from people to pray for me then to ask God to forgive all my sins and send my body to heaven. I think It is what everyone really wants. So, I’ll probably write on the stone. I only want from you people to ask God for forgiveness and to send my body to heaven. But if I want to talk about my life time .I think it is the most difficult thing to talk about the good things in you. It is hard to praise yourself . I’ll try to write what I heard from people about my character. Actually, my parents are old people and my father is in debts. He can’t pay the loans .So, I’ll write that I’ve lived my life worrying about my father. I successfully was able to help him. I always like to help people. I was a good son to my parents , a good husband to my wife and a good father. In general , people always say that I am a funny person and serious in serious times only. Also, that I am a kind and the person who people always look for to talk with . I actually feel shy when I talk about myself . I think I’ll stop here but there are still a lot of good things to say about me !! Just kidding.

الأحد، 5 أبريل 2009

Talking about this kind of topics is really interesting. I think every country has its own style according to what is allowed in their society and what isn't. But nowadays I think there is always breaking laws. Also there is a funny thing about people's appearance. I think people are copying each other in everything. So ,when a new fashion appears in a country ,we see most people follow it and this fashion's term (idiom) becomes very popular. Let me now talk about fashion or people’s appearance in my country. In Saudi Arabia religious people have their look. When you see one of them , you easily can identify them. They usually follow the religion orders . They have long beards with shaved moustache. They usually wear or traditional clothes which we call it thub, long white dress. They usually are polite and funny. They like to live a simple life. These features are not only for men but also for women except the beard and moustache of course :) !! . Women usually wear modest clothes. Also in Saudi Arabia there is something we call it Tafheet. People of this interest are completely different from the religious. These people are interested in car race. Actually it isn't an ordinary car race it is more dangerous. They usually hide their faces because their interest is illegal .They have special cars. What is so sorry about it is that many people died because of it. However, this hobby is not in a wide range in Saudi Arabia .Here is a video from youtube shows it.


I hope you enjoy it :) .

الاثنين، 30 مارس 2009

Saudi Arabia flag, a flag which is used by the Saudi government since March
fifteen, 1973. It is a green flag with a sword and a phrase (There is no god but Allah, Mohammad is the Messenger of God) written on it, and their color is white. When king Abdulaziz became the king 1902, he ordered to add a sword on the flag.The flag designer is Hafeth Wahba an Egyptian guy. The Green color and bold arabic writing often shows on Islam, and the sword symbolizes strength while the phrase symbolizes the Islamic rule of the kingdom. Before, Saudi Arabia’s flag was different. It was all green with two swords across each other and a palm in the middle. They also made different flags for different usage for example they made special flags for the air forces and another one for navy. The usage of the main flag is actually limited and that is because of Alshahada ,the written phrase on the flag. We as Saudi people don't use the flag on the shirts or we don't go to the restrooms with the flag or any dirty place and that also to avoid humiliating Alshahada.
As for me ,I liked our flag because I usually like the flags that has a meaning or a message to the world like in Saudi flag the symbols show strength , pride and courage. Also one more nice thing about our flag is that ,it is the only flag with Iraq's flag which has a writing on it. Usually when people see it or hear about it they wonder .

الأحد، 22 فبراير 2009

I have been through many experiences in my life. Each one of them has it’s level of difficulty. I will talk about tow of them. I think the first experience is the most difficult one which is when I started working at Saudi Telecom Company for many reasons. First, being new and everything is different from the university made it uneasy for me to adapt with work. Second, it was the first time for me to deal and chat with customers .I was a little shy and not fluent .Third, my work was at the capital , Alryadh, which is far from my town , So I had to live there far from my family. All these reasons played an important role in making me nervous during that time. Later, I could overcome all of them to face new obstacles .After three years I decided to get marry. I was 24 years old and I had to keep a large amount of money to prepare for the wedding ceremony and to have a furnished and nice apartment. I got a loan from the bank and I pay for it till now!. After the marriage I got a nice little boy and being a father is a big responsibility. That is another experience that made me nervous. In conclusion, I think I liked all these experiences because they made me a strong man who can face all the obstacles and problems in life.

الأحد، 15 فبراير 2009

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, romance, and of course, the market place. Lovers across the world express their love and give gifts such as cards, sweets, and roses to their sweethearts. Marriage ceremonies are popular.Roses are a pricey gift on Valentine’s Day. The major colors of Valentine’s Day are red and pink.. People in my country don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day .As for me ,I am planning to celebrate on that day with the love of my life who is actually my wife. Before marriage we actually didn't get to know each other because of our traditions, but I knew her brother who told me about her and then I planned to marry her . She is nice and wonderful. As for my preparations for Valentine’s day, I bought for her a pink teddy bear with a nice heart, a golden necklace and of course a red rose. I’ll take her to a nice restaurant for dinner. I hope she likes it ,and I wish a happy Valentine’s day for everyone.